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Saturday, July 15, 2006


It's a website that finds you new music you will like.

'How does it do this, Handsome? Please, tell us?'

Well, since you asked nicely, you tell Pandora songs that you like and, by analyzing those songs through some strange musical science voodoo kind of shit, it plays you other songs it reckons you will like. The thing is, it works. Not with every song obviously, but if you just let it play for a while you will find tons of good songs, often by artists you won't even know. My hard drive is ready to burst with the music I've discovered through Pandora. Yeah, I know it sounds like a heap of bullshit.

'It's music, not science, goddamn it!'

That's what I thought when someone recommended it to me. I knew it wouldn't hurt me if I gave it a try though. And it didn't hurt me. It didn't hurt me one bit.

(Although the song it's playing me right now is effing abysmal).
posted by handsomeloser, 7:07 AM


are you really handsome? haha
commented by Blogger Lilize, 7:26 PM  
As bit of a music lover myself, I'm going to have to check out Pandora. Thanks for the recommendation!
commented by Blogger DBA Lehane, 12:14 AM  
lilize- you better believe it.
commented by Blogger handsomeloser, 2:59 AM  

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