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the handsome loser

The life and times of a handsome loser. Humor. Love. Sex. Dating. Life.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You'll notice- if you've ever been here before- that I've changed the look of the site. The basic look I had before was somewhat dull. Not having any skill in that department, my lazy ass had a look and found some free Blogger templates provided by these nice boys.

I don't know who they are but I thought I'd give them a mention and a thank you. They've got some nice templates over there that you might be able to use. Check them out.

posted by handsomeloser, 12:18 PM


Thanks for the link! I've changed the layout on mine too now!
commented by Blogger DBA Lehane, 2:29 PM  
fly- It makes a big difference.
commented by Blogger handsomeloser, 3:17 PM  
We're waiting to hear your Ioan story... --Kim
commented by Blogger Kim & Amy, 3:22 PM  
Kim- request granted.
commented by Blogger handsomeloser, 3:37 PM  
your site is loading slowly..
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:27 AM  
я так считаю: шикарно. а82ч
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:43 AM  

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