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David Hasselhoff - Jump In My Car- and My Nasty Little Knight Rider Story

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

David Hasselhoff

The man who I loved as a child has nothing to apologize for. Not even this. There is NO justification for ANYONE to criticise this piece of art. It is like the Citizen Kane of 'Hard Rock'. Led Zep have finally been bested.

My kid brother got a Knight Rider car for his Christmas one year and I was insanely jealous. So jealous that I threatened to tell our mother what had really happened to Grandma's 'priceless' Ming vase if he didn't give me it. He gave me it. Even though he loved it and I knew that he loved it, he gave me it and I took it. More than that, I banned him from playing with it. My parents couldn't understand why my brother wasn't interested in the Knight Rider car he'd begged them for all year. What a little shit I was, huh? I didn't even feel guilty until I was nineteen and he was sixteen- ten years later. I tried to give him it back then but he wouldn't take it. He said I had to keep it forever 'like a scar that would never let me forget the monster that I used to be'. It was such a funny thing for a young boy to say and yet it upset me that he wouldn't just take the car and absolve me. God, I love my brother. And I've still got the car.

The final part of the date is on its way, folks. It's coming.

posted by handsomeloser, 5:25 PM


You can understand why, musically, he is only big in Germany though
commented by Blogger windscreen fly, 1:28 AM  
Are you the same windscreen fly as windscreen:fly or a different fly altogether.
commented by Blogger handsomeloser, 3:33 AM  
nope, definitely the same windscreen fly as always
commented by Blogger DBA Lehane, 2:31 PM  

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