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The Day Freddie Mercury Died

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Queen Live

The story about singing Queen and getting my ass kicked by some hookers reminded me of another Queen story where I got into a fight. Now relax, there is nothing about the music of Queen that gets me foaming at the mouth and ready to punch peoples heads off. It was actually the day Freddie Mercury died. I was still at school, then. Over the previous six months my pals and me- we were the sort of 'wanna be in a long haired rock 'n' roll band' crowd in school- had really been getting into the music of Queen. We'd go over to each other houses- taking a few sneaky beers- and get the greatest hits on. We'd sing it word for word and try in vain to play the Brian May guitar solos on our cheap, acoustic guitars. They were great, great times that are bringing a massive smile to my face as I write.

So, I'm in English class and my teacher, Mister Tully, comes in. Mister Tully was a huge Queen fan. If you felt like slacking off a little in class you could just drop in a couple of mentions of Queen or Bowie or Led Zep and he'd go off on a big nostalgia trip about his seventies glory days- saved from Shakespeare for another day. Anyhow, Mister Tully was looking pretty down. In fact it was obvious to the class that he'd been crying. Seeing A male teacher so emotional, especially a tough guy like Mister Tully, was a shock. It subdued us for all of half a minute before one girl asked him what was wrong. He told us Freddie Mercury had died. Now, I don't know how many teenage boys were hugely affected by Freddie's death- it didn't create a fraction of the same teen hysteria as Kurt Cobain's suicide- but I was cut to the bone and then some. I couldn't believe it. I was becoming a man, I was developing my own tastes and opinions. Queen were the first band I'd ever got 'in to'. Freddie was the first rock star I'd loved and all of a sudden he was dead- obviously it wasn't actually all of a sudden, the world had known it was coming but I'd somehow missed all that. As I think back now, I can remember reading that Freddie, shortly before the end, had been forced to put in a public appearance to dispel rumours that he was dead. To me this was hilarious at the time but I just thought it was some quirky rock star behaviour, I hadn't known what was behind the rumours.

I sat there open-mouthed, numb, when a voice from behind me piped up. 'Freddie Mercury was a queer,' the leering, drawl said. I recognised it as belonging to Jimmy Moore. I turned, looked at his grinning, gargoyle face and I just flew for him. I managed to get a couple of punches in before Mister Tully pulled me away. I wasn't angry that Jimmy had called my hero 'queer'- My father had told me that Freddie was a 'big homo' long before then. I didn't see it as an insult. I was angry because his tone implied that because Freddie was 'queer' he didn't matter or, even worse, that it meant he somehow deserved it. I just lost control.

I got detention but it was a good thing. Mister Tully had two free periods that day and he came into detention as much as possible and the two of us just talked and talked about just how 'fucking much'- he actually said that, it seemed incredible then to hear a teacher swear passionately- we loved Queen and Freddie Mercury. For the next six months, the laser on my CD player only saw six CD's and they were all Queen. God bless you, Freddie.

posted by handsomeloser, 5:52 PM


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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:36 PM  
We love freddie.
We started this thing (me, Amy, Robin and Ollie) and we dress up like queen and perform. Everyone thinks we're weird. Mainly the fact we've got two girls in it. But hey.
Nov 25 1991.
Saddest day.
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