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the handsome loser

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Sexual Purposes

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One other thing about, Allan. He makes soup. He makes a vegetable soup that requires one large carrot. The problem with that is the act of buying one large carrot. He told me that, even though he only needs one carrot, he always buys two carrots. 'Why's that, Allan?' I asked. 'Because once I bought the one carrot and the woman looked at me suspiciously. She obviously thought I was buying it for sexual purposes. The thing is, if I was her I'd have thought the same thing. So, I always buy two.' And this is how he really thinks. He truly, genuinely believes that if he only buys one carrot, the grocer will assume it is being bought as some makeshift organic dildo. So now you know, boys. Never buy a singular carrot unless you want to be known as a vegetable lover.

posted by handsomeloser, 1:54 PM


Hmmm...two carrots could just suggest you are a little more adventurous than your normal vegetable lothario?
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