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the handsome loser

The life and times of a handsome loser. Humor. Love. Sex. Dating. Life.

So, girls, tell me this...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Many first dates seem to have a moment when I suddenly feel like I've been pushed towards the edge of a precipice and asked- very sweetly- if I'd like to jump in. That moment comes when a girl inevitably asks me that most awful of questions....

'So, Handsome, what movies do you like?'

Dangerous, dangerous times. Do I stick to the safe geek stuff like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? Or, do I strap all the heavy things I can find to my body and dive right off the edge with all my favorite geek, Manga and cute Japanese girls in love with giant robots type stuff? I've laid it all on the line on first dates in the past but something usually happens to the girls when they get the no holds barred answer. Something behind their eyes just dies. The alarm bells in their heads ring so loud that I can hear them.

So, that's the question. Do I simply wear my heart on my sleeve and hope that one day a gorgeous vixen says, 'Hey, I collect World of Warcraft figures too?' Or do I take it slowly and wait until they actually, you know, like me before I unleash the full fury of my geek horror upon their unsuspecting asses?

posted by handsomeloser, 3:18 PM


Dude, you DIVE right in. Why would possibly hold back and play it safe?

Rock on.
commented by Blogger Rich | Championable, 8:02 PM  
Every girl secretely loves a geek. Brings back find memories of their first crush. I'm a huuuuge Star Wars / Lord of the Rings geek and I'm not afraid to admit it... if you ever dressed up as Boba Fett, well... dear god.
commented by Blogger lady miss marquise, 8:24 PM  
Just be you !!!

You would not want a woman who does not accept you for who you are, anyway??

Thanks for your visit to my website and comment...

Have a nice week-end!!

commented by Anonymous Peety, 3:14 AM  
Now, I thought I'd get these sentiments. And on the whole, I agree. I'm just wondering whether there's value in unveiling the picture piece by piece.
commented by Blogger handsomeloser, 7:35 AM  
I concur with the previous comments and say probably better to be who you are from the get-go. But there is nothing wrong with a little mystery. So don't lay it all on the line, out there. Hold an especially interesting one back and drop it sometime later at an unsuspecting moment.

Does anybody ever show all their cards in a relationship anyway?
commented by Blogger Katie, 5:52 PM  

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